Keynote & Corporate

Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed, LCSW

Optimal Performance Specialist, Author, Speaker

Speaking Topics:


Optimize Your Performance: Journey into the Minds of Champions

Have you wondered how great athletes manage to “keep it together” under the pressure of competition? Many of us know that focus and relaxation are critical elements of a great performance. But common knowledge does not necessarily translate into common practice. Ms. Greenbaum will give you an inside look into the mental and mindfulness skills that contribute to that winning outcome.

By the conclusion of this talk, the participants will:

  • Increase their ability to focus and relax under pressure
  • Gain insight as to why they may not be reaching their potential
  • Learn proven strategies that great athletes and performers use


Women, Competition and Power: How to Compete with Grace and Ease

The term competition conjures up aggressive, “warrior” type energy. While these are useful components in the competitive arena, there are other more subtle principles that will support your efforts in a high stake situation. Ms. Greenbaum will de-mystify these tenets and propose new ways to approach difficult challenges.

By the conclusion of this talk, participants will:

  • Discover the universal principles that are fundamental to success
  • Uncover the blocks that impede your performance
  • Learn the difference between “masculine” and “feminine energies and when to use them

Talks about Peak Performance can be tailored to your groups’ needs and challenges.

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