How is your mastery under pressure?

All that stands between you and your goals... is YOU!

Tina Greenbaum, M.Ed., LCSW has been pioneering for over 30 years a powerful therapy blending traditional psychotherapy with body awareness, energy psychology, neuroscience and spirituality.
As a transformational business coach, Tina utilizes a revolutionary, 5-step Mastery Under Pressure system for companies, CEOs, and aspiring leaders who want to retain happy, productive, and highly motivated employees in an era of uncertainty and upheaval.

California's #1 Optimal Performance Specialist

Learn the specific system that World Class Athletes, Performers & Politicians use to have ultimate confidence, achieve super human results and break through their own limiting mindset...

Her own personal journey led her to the discovery of the intimate connection between mind and body and she has been teaching others the skills necessary to gain mastery over managing their emotions in challenging and pressured situations.

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Five Tips for Improving Performance

Reviews and Praise for Tina

“Workflow, budgets and deadlines work against focusing on the present. Tina has a gift for working with Type A executives to improve their productivity.”
Mathew Galligan
President Cities Real Estate Finance
“Tina has been a tremendous asset in navigating the complexity of my personal and professional lives, and all the ways they intersect. Building my emotional skills has helped me genuinely engage my colleagues and team members with sensitivity and understanding.”
Kate Lancaster
Manager, Macy’s
“If you are looking for a unique approach to stop beating yourself up and opening your eyes to new possibilities in your personal life, please do yourself a favor and work with with Tina.”
Steve Felix
Felix Consulting Group, Behavioral Presentation Coach

Six Critical Areas to Mastery Under Pressure!

Manage negative self-talk through mindfulness training
Distinguish your self-doubt about your competence or confidence
Learn how to initiate the relaxation response
Recognize whether you are in focus or out of focus
Use fear as a teacher
Learn how to create powerful visualizations

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Elevate your level of mastery while performing under pressure so you can live your dream.

Gain greater clarity and insight into the obstacles that are holding you back so you can move forward.

Use powerful tools world-class athletes and performers use so you’re performing at your highest level.

Gain greater overall self-confidence so you’re unstoppable!

Learn how the new neuroscience can catapult your performance so your time and energy are efficient.

Most people think optimal performance is a hit or miss situation.

Yet there are specific skills you can learn to improve your chance of having consistent peak experiences when you want them.

If you take the time to learn and practice these skills you will experience a sense of mastery you never thought was possible.

Here is my system to give you an advantage over all other circumstances…